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2018-07-18 1:00:59
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  Out company carries out the quality policy that "create Mingzhu brand, offer excellent serve." all the time. Guaranteeing the product quality, we improve the degree of customers’ contentment all the time. According to the ISO9000 quality management system standard, combining with the practical situation, we unceasingly improve ourselves, and amend the quality guarantee system. Carry out quality management activity of the staffs, enhance quality consciousness, and make sure that every personnel have the idea the customer in my heart, and the quality in my hand. Joining in actively, undertaking the responsibility, everyone should improve the quality constantly in their post, to guarantee the quality of products and service stable. Ensure that the customers gratified to buy products, and purchase and use them at ease.
  To the customer who uses our products for the first time, we send the workman to the scene, and provide the necessary guidance.
  When the customer has special request for quality standard and specification, technology department and production department will meet your needs unceasingly.
  Honor contract, defend credit, provide user with the three guarantees (guarantee to provide highgrade product, ample parts and good technical service), carry out three responsibilities (responsibility for repairing, returning and exchanging the product) for the product.
  For user’s charge and complaint, we must organize to deal with it quickly. If it is our false after the test, we shall deal with it according to the three responsibilities in ten days to ensure the contentment of the user.
  Fill in the information feedback list of the user’s information and questions in time, and deal with them quickly to reply to the use as soon as possible.
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