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2018-07-18 1:09:12
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MZ-4068 Rubber and Plastic low temperature

brittleness test apparatus (Multi) (in line

with GB/T1682, 15256)

Features and uses:

MZ-4068 Rubber and Plastic low temperature brittleness test machine using a new type of semiconductor cooling (temperature difference between electronic cooling), refrigeration temperature can be digital, high precision temperature control. This machine is in line with GB/T1682 GB/T15256, GB/T5470 requirements of novel design, unique structure, advanced technology, stable performance, high level of automation. Can determine the pros and cons of the different rubber material or different formulations of the brittleness temperature and low temperature properties of the vulcanized rubber. Therefore, both in scientific research materials and products quality inspection, production process control is not missing.

Technical parameters:

test temperature: -60 ° C - 0 ° C

2 the impact speed: 2m / s ± 0.2m / s

3 the thermostat test 3min time temperature fluctuations: <± 0.5 ° C

4 the impactor center to the bottom of the gripper distance:

Rubber: 8 ± 0.3mm 11 ± 0.5mm

5 Dimensions: 720 × 700 × 1380

6 the cold well volume: 700ml

7 Power: 1100W

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