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2018-07-18 0:57:11
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MZ-4010B1 rotor rheometer (sealed)

Features and uses:

This unit conforms to GB / T 16584 "rubber rotorless to measure the curing characteristics of the requirements of" ISO 6502 requirements and the requirements of T30, T60, T90 data by Italian standards. The aircraft used for determination of the characteristics of vulcanized rubber, to identify the optimum cure time of rubber. Imports of intelligent digital temperature controller, adjust the set is simple, a wide range of temperature control, high control accuracy, stability, reproducibility and accuracy is better than the general rotor rheometer. Rotorless analysis system uses the Windows XP operating system platform, graphical image of the software interface and flexible data processing, modular VB language programming methods. Fully embodies the characteristics of highly automated. Can be used for scientific research departments, colleges and industrial and mining enterprises to carry out the mechanical properties of various materials and production quality inspection.

Technical parameters:

1 Temperature range: room temperature ~ 200 ℃

2 Temperature fluctuation: ± 0.1 ℃

3 Temperature display resolution: 0.1 ° C

4 Heating rate: room temperature ~ 200 ℃ about 10min to reach the balance

5 the torque range: 0N.m to 5Nm to

6 Time setting range: 3min ~ 120min

7 Swing angle: 0.5 ° (total amplitude of 1 °)

8 Motif swing Frequency: 1.7Hz ± 0.1Hz (102r/min ± 6r/min)

9 Power supply: AC220V ± 10% 50Hz

10 Dimensions: 645mm × 580mm × 1300mm

11 Net weight: 210kg

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