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2018-07-18 1:13:33
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MZ-4018 Rolling slide friction and wear testing machine

Features and uses:

This machine is mainly used for research rails of the sliding rate, the amount of wear over time variation, research rails

Surface properties (roughness, hardness, material, bending stiffness) on the wear rate of the law. Is typically used in civil aircraft, flaps, slats, with the friction and wear properties of materials testing above.

By the testing machine test, surface coatings and coating wear performance of two commonly used slide materials (titanium and steel);

Testing machine test rails with different surface roughness on the wear performance of the roller surface;

By the testing machine test slide different levels of tensile stress on the wear performance of the rail surface;

Testing machine test the impact of different vertical contact load on the wear performance of the slide surface;

Steel rails / rollers, titanium rails / rollers two movements Vice rolling friction testing machine test, the wear coefficient.

The test machine has overloaded deformation of the fuel tank of the frequency response characteristics of fast.


The main technical parameters

1 test function on the slide surface of the sample vertical load capacity range of 0 ~ 200000N;

2 Test function on the slide specimen horizontal tensile loading the range of ability to work 200000N;

3 Testing machine line measurement of the friction when the movement of the slide sample relative wheel;

4 Test interval can be effectively controlled at 150mm ± 3mm;

5 reciprocating frequency of the mobile work platform can reach 1Hz, the movement to and from the range of 157mm;

6 the middle of the test area 50mm ± 1mm travel section of the uniform speed, the speed relative error less than ± 15%;

7 can measure the temperature values ​​of the slide specimen in the testing process;

8 can measure the surface roughness of the slide specimen.

9 Pump flow: 100L/min

10 the maximum working pressure of the hydraulic system: 25MPa

11 motor power: 45KW

12 Power supply: AC380V 50Hz

13 Overall dimensions (L x W x H): 3050mm × 1115mm × 2210mm

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