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2018-07-18 1:09:52
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Computer Control Electronic Universal Testing Machine (single column) 

Features and uses:
MZ-2000D, D1, electronic universal testing machine is a leading domestic technology, materials testing equipment.The product is suitable for metal, non-metallic, composite materials and products tensile, compression, bending, shear,Tearing, peeling, and the physical performance test. Use Windows98/ME2000/XP operating system platform,Graphic image of the software interface, flexible data processing, modular programming side of the VB language.France, the safety limit protection function. Also has algorithms to automatically generate test report automatic editing functions; Can greatly facilitate the debugging and system development capabilities, calculate maximum yield, non-proportional.Yield, the average peel force, elastic modulus and other parameters; the use of precision measuring instruments, set height.Automation and intelligence in one. Can be used for scientific research departments, colleges and industrial and mining enterprises of various.The material mechanical properties and production quality inspection.

Technical parameters:

1 range: 5KN
     Force the value of accuracy: within ± 1.0% of indication or ± 0.5%
2 load tranches: 10% * of the FS, 20% * FS, 50% * of the FS, 100% * the FS
3 the load resolution: 200 000 subdivision code, the entire resolution of the same
4 the test speed:
   D: 6mm/min--500mm/min (inverter system + ordinary screw)
      D1: 0.1mm/min--500mm/min (servo system + ball screw)
​​allowable error range: less than ± 1.0% of the indication
effectively stretching the distance: 900mm
6 the displacement measurement accuracy: within ± 0.5% of indication
7 deformation measurement accuracy: within ± 0.5% of indication
8 the protection device: e-limit protection
9 the acquisition rate: 50 / S
10 Print function: print a test after test data and curves
11 the power supply voltage: AC220V 50Hz
12 Overall dimensions: 550mm × 450mm × 1600mm
13 Weight: 75kg

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